Corporate Communication and Public Relations – 2006/2007

A One Year Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program
Program Code: COR1
Campus Code: LC (LC – London)
September Admission

General Studies Division: (519) 452-4442 or (519) 452-4480


Program Description

Fanshawe College’s Corporate Communication and Public Relations program is an intense one-year program designed to prepare college and university graduates to enter the exciting and challenging world of communications. Students will hone their writing and presentation skills, learn the latest desktop publishing and web design techniques’ and face public relations and ethics challenges that will increase their communication related skills. A second-term field placement allows students to put these new skills to work. Students are encouraged to make business contacts through professional associations and by performing course work with a community focus. The curriculum is current, community minded, and connected to professional communicators. Graduates find work communicating in advertising and PR agencies, hospitals and health care, banking and insurance, the arts and media, small and large manufacturers, government, politics, and the not-for-profit sector. Job roles include writing, presenting, researching, facilitating, media relations, event planning, strategic planning and marketing communications. Opportunities for professional communicators occur in every employment sector. The traditional communication staple of strong writing combined with an emphasis on teamwork, progressive computer skills, and technological savvy gives graduates of this program a competitive edge. This program is suited to individuals with above-average writing skills, an outgoing personality and an ability to see solutions when others are focusing on problems. It s hard work, with lots of assignments and deadlines to meet, but if you re ready for the challenge, a world of career possibilities is waiting.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities exist in the following fields: Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Special Events, In-house Trainers, Presentation Specialists, Researchers, Report Writers, and Web Communicators.


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  • 1. Rosy Lopez-Gross  |  September 8, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    A year ago, in Caracas, Venezuela, I realized that if I would like to have a coherent career in PR -being a lawyer and working for an Ad Agency- I should do something to have a credential that certifies what I like to do the most: communicate. I also wanted to acquire all the necessary skills to do it in an effective and global way.

    So, I was home, writing a brochure for an oil company about its achievements in social responsibility ,when I came up with the crazy idea of looking to study abroad and taking my husband and son with me. That night my research began and I didn’t sleep. First, I looked in Europe (where my twin sister lives), then in United States… but, suddenly, this blog came up. I read it and I looked for the program from this “Fanshawee” College (as I used to pronounce it!) that showed the exactly list of courses I was looking for! The rest of the programs, I found around the world, were marketing and advertisement focused, others in business, others in graphic design…but this one had it all: a solid and practicable base to do PR and Corporate Communications in any field.
    I started navigating in the “Fanshawee” College’s web site, then, after several days searching about Canada and London, I put the college’s name in one of the Venezuela’s search pages and I couldn’t believe that the college were going to participate in an Educational Fair organized by the Venezuelan-American Friendship Association and the Canadian Embassy that was going to be held in Caracas. I thought: This is a sign!

    I went to the educational fair in the Marriott’s’s Hotel with Mariano, my husband. He was very excited with the idea of living outside the country for a while since the political situation in Venezuela was turning a democratic, peaceful and oil rich country…into a Cuba-like communism.

    At the fair I went directly to the Fanshawe’s College’s stand, I met Mr. Nelson Melgar from the International Students Office and talking to him persuaded me that this was the correct place to go. The following months I gathered all my university documents, I legalized and taking the to be translated and in December, while spending vacations in Mexico, I sent them all with my application through internet then, I crossed my fingers.

    On February I received the Admission Letter!. Later on we all applied for the visas and we came here on July 19th to look for a place to live and to know the city before I start classes.

    After my first week I am delightful! I just told my husband yesterday: I am in the right place! I just love it!

    Thank you all my classmates and teachers for your warm smiles, thank you for the greetings in the hallway, thank you for being such a smart group, different colored -green, blue, orange, gold!- people! This is going to be a good place to learn, this is going to be a wonderful year!

    I always wanted to participate in this blog but I was shy to do it. Now, I’m part of it and I barely believe it…

    See you next week, Rosy.

  • 2. Rosy Lopez-Gross  |  September 8, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    I just noticed a few spelling and gramar mistakes in my comment…sorry! is part of the learning-english process!


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