Offshore Labour- Edited Version

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After researching for an assignment on Offshore Labour, there are many trends and themes, which are common to this topic. Today, I am going to post a blog on one of the trends relating to Offshore Labour.  A reason why businesses and companies rely on offshore labour is to reduce costs and to be more effective.

My research for this class assignment is mostly from journal articles and some internet articles from websites. To start, technological advancements are very important to area of Offshore Labour. In order for Offshore Labour to be effective and for companies to perform well, having a knowledge of the different technological tools is important. The host country relies on technology tools for communication purposes. Without these technological tools the host country would not have an efficient or profitable base to their profit. Hence, it is important companies research and know their labour force offshore.

The term “Outsourcing” is relavant to offshore labour. I performed a search on the definition of Outsourcing on, and it defines outsourching as taking the internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them. Outsourcing is done to save money, improve quality, or free company resources for other activities. In regard to Offshore Labour, all these are primary motives and reasons why companies offshore labour. Hence, it is apparent the theme of cost savings and effectiveness is relavent here.

In today’s global market, companies and businesses are primarily just interested in making money and or profit. With the research I have compiled for this class project, I strongly believe, Offshore Labour will continue to occur in the future. In regard to Public Relations, the practitioner must be able to communicate globally and know the language of the country where the labour is being offshored. Even though, offshore labour is done to save money and be more effectivess, research and culture are very important when considering offshore labour.

Here are some of the sources I used in my research:
Davison, D. (2003, December 9). Top 10 Risks of Offshore Outsourcing. Tech Update. Retrieved October 7, 2006 from search engine on the World Wide Web:

Kakumanu, P. & Portanova, A. (2006, September 1). Outsourcing: Its Benefits, Drawbacks and Other Related Issues. Journal of American Academy of Business,9 (2), 1-7. Retrieved September 21, 2006 from ProQuest Database on the World Wide Web:

. King, W. (2006 summer). Offshoring decision time is at hand. Information Systems Management,23 (3), 102-103. Retreived September 23, 2006 from ProQuest Database on the World Wide Web:

Jamie Gill, CC&PR Edited


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