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November 11, 2006 at 8:52 pm 4 comments

There are two different types of public relations consultants. One is an independent consultant and the other is a public relations consultant who works for a consultancy.

            An independent consultant works independently with many clients at one time. Because they don’t work for a consultancy, they are more flexible because they are not tied down to one consultancy.

            When public relations consultants work in one building, this is known as a public relations consultancy. They vary in size and provide service to other organizations.

            There are benefits to working both ways. As an independent consultant you are your own boss, free to make your own choices. However, working on a consultancy means you may have a boss there is more job security.

            There are many reasons a person would hire a public relations consultant, independent or consultancy. From an architectural point of view, projects and deadlines can eat much of an architect’s time and therefore there are many missed public relations opportunities. But once a public relations consultant is hired, the architect can concentrate on the projects at hand, and not have to worry about missed public relation opportunities.

            A public relation consultant builds a relationship with their clients, or people involved in the organization. They are effective communicators, good at problem solving and can see multiple points-of-view. They can work in different types of companies, such as corporations, non-profit organizations, the government, education, entertainment, or finance.

Some of the duties of a public relations consultant include working for their clients, with what is needed by the client or organization. These duties may include things such as getting people to attend an event, to get more publicity, crisis management, getting people to donate to their charity or buy their product

As a public relations consultant, there are a few tips to help consultants along the way. Some of these include don’t try to meet everyone’s concept of perfection, have a short-term focus with a long-term goal and be biased towards action.



Here are some websites to check out:


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This is a blog about beginning a career in public relations. It is written by Kelly Papinchak.


This is another blog by Steven Newton.


This is “10 steps to a fab job as a public relations consultant”


                                                                                       –Cherie Borho


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  • 1. prclass  |  November 11, 2006 at 11:16 pm

    Hi Cherie!
    I found your blog to be very informative, with pertinent information that is particularly relevant to us as PR students. I was interested to find out about some of the possible positions that we may be encountering in the near future, and the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Good work!
    – Kim Resendes

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  • 4. Lisa Durham  |  September 2, 2013 at 4:20 am

    I found your blog to be very informative, with pertinent data that’s significantly relevant to us as PR students. I used to be interested to search out regarding a number of the possible positions that we tend to could also be encountering within the near future, and also the benefits and disadvantages of every possibility.


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