The Decline in Nationalism and PR

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Leah Wilson The Decline in Canadian Nationalism 

Canadian nationalism is a concept that has been under much scrutiny in recent years because of its noticeable decline in today’s media market.

The past decade has seen a widespread assault on the importance and legitimacy of a national identity; consequently, the concern with the decline in Canadian nationalism is more pertinent than ever. We reside in an era where the combination of technological change and privatization policies are making massive communication conglomerates with an unrivalled capacity to shape our environment and cultural market. Technological advancements have been particularly important in restructuring the corporate playing field. New innovations allow voice, sound, text, data, and images to be stored and transmitted using universal basic technologies. These developments open up a range of possibilities for new kinds of global activity and interplay between corporations.

It is apparent that new technologies create new opportunities for corporations, but the main concern is that social issues are being lost in the expansion.  The privatization of Canadian businesses has allowed entrepreneurs increased liberty to maneuver and manipulate the market. One of
Canada’s premier multi media companies, CanWest Global Corporation’s plays an integral role in the decline of nationalism in today’s media content.  For example CanWest Global (CWG) is the largest publisher of Canadian daily papers. They own and operate free-to-air and subscription TV networks, out of home advertising, websites and radio stations all with in
Vancouver. It is obvious that in the case of CWG the objective is synergistic expansion; as a result, local national content may be swept under the rug. Is there a problem with one corporation dominating the voice of the entire West Coast? ( The fact is that the social public concerns are no longer valued, if they are not profitable.

A PR practitioner must combine their expertise in, audience analysis, communications skills, plus technological knowledge in hopes to preserve or rebuild national roots in today’s media content. The management strategy is to balance the corporate global vision with the publics best interest.


For more Info:

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