The world is moving faster than what we think

November 3, 2006 at 8:31 pm 2 comments

Trends are occurring all over the world when it comes to new technology. In order to fully understand an audience and its general public it is important to understand the way they communicate with one another. This of course can help marketing and advertising if a company understands these trends and especially if they know how to use them. 
 In Korea the cell-phone is an example of a massive trend which is not only taking over family interaction but interaction with one another.

Korea has become one of the world’s leading nations in the field of modern technology development; as a result,  information technology is becoming the country’s paramount ambition.  The primary beneficiaries of  Korea’s interest in “IT” are the nations internet users who now enjoy the fastest access on the planet.  For example, an mp3 file might take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes in
Canada, while the same file in Korea will take about 30 seconds.  While most people in the western world feel America has solidified itself as a “super power” in most areas – including IT – it is clear that the technology sector is booming in the east. In Korea technology continues to boom with the latest, and most up to date in the world.  With the fairly recent integration of the cell phone, this ‘multi-purpose’ device, is leading the way in communications. Many facests on top of phone capabilities have been developed for the cell phone over the years.To date, it can act as a television, computer, an mp3 player and the digital camera.  Cell phones are the single most important piece of integrated technology in the world today, and no other country in the world exemplifies this fact quite like Korea.  In the last few years the cell phone has taken over in classrooms, on the streets, and now the boardrooms. For example: 

John Koo, chairman and CEO of South Korean cell-phone maker LG Electronics, said he expects the industry to sell 37 million camera/cell-phone combos this year — twice as many as last year, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.[i]

 Adolecets and young adulats prove to have the greattest econiomic impact on the cellular phone market; as a result, both marketing and adverstising agencies target their campaigns for this audience.  

I believe that the multi tasking cell phone will soon impact the North American market. With this in mind, ff we want to keep on top of what is occuring in the business world, it is important as communicators to keep current on all global trends. Public Realtions work, relies on vast world knowledge in all relams of expertise. Keeping up to date with the hot trends developed over seas is a pr job requirement.  Currently we are witnessing the impact of the Balckberry.  The reputation of this technological tool is shifting from its strictly corporate ties to a trendy domestic gadget.  Thechnological advancements have dimished international borders; therefore, creating a global market place for business transactions.  Today’s PR practitioners need to always be navigating on the international highway inorder to stay current and competetive with their work. 

edited by Leah Wilson

1)[i],1382,58085,00.html 2 )www.snurblog.com

 created by Laura Hanson


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  • 1. prclass  |  November 4, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    I sometimes wonder if the world is becoming too fast and in this, real communication is being lost. Teenagers today rather sit on a computer and use instant messaging or text message on a cell phone rather then have face to face interactions. Does this behavior forecast what our future will be like? I truly hope not, but unfortunately it seems that human interaction is on the down swing and the instant technology driven communication is on the rise. I say force your little siblings and/or children to have a real conversation once and awhile.

    Good job Laura, as you can see in my comment this one really got me thinking so thanks for that!

    Jess D.

  • 2. Jamie Gill  |  November 4, 2006 at 7:37 pm

    Hello Laura,

    Great post. I want to respond to Jess Doan’s comment. Jess D, I agree with you “real communication- in terms of face to face personal communication” is being lost. Yes, most teenagers and even people in our age range are losing “real” communication. Alot of work and projects today, we are relying on the internet, and text messaging to communicate.

    I will share some of my personal examples. For my team presentation with Bree in Sandra’s class, we soley just relied on e-mails for sharing our parts. We just got together once or twice in between classes to go over our presentation. For the most part, Bree and I relied more on the computer than anything else.

    Another example, in my TechAlliance Group I am the one who is sending out e-mails and communicating among everyone. I am not the leader, but I guess “e-mail” communicator, I am not exactly sure. Anyway to get back on track, I dont believe I called more than 1 person in our TechAlliance Group, I have just been sending out e-mails and making sure everyone in my group knows when our meetings are, their responsibilities and any updated information that is of importance.

    Overall, I agree with Jess Doan, everyone is losing real communications, ask yourself, when was the last time you went to see a Professor in person? I know I usually rely on e-mail communication to receive information or to ask a question.

    Jamie Gill


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