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So what is biotechnology you ask?  If you were to have asked me a month ago I most likely would have thrown out something like “well, its biology joined with technology” or something of the sort.  Although university science classes weren’t that long ago I really had no idea what biotechnology was, nor did some fellow explain it to me while I was building boats a few years back (Darlene on nanotechnology, check out her blog).  Like most of you, my class mates, I am sure you typed your topic in Google and came across a million hits.  I did the same and came across a very informative, although promotional, eleven minute video clip on the world of biotechnology.  So before you go any further, link to the video clip “Biotechnology: Knowledge Serving Life” and get an aesthetically pleasing lesson of what biotechnology is and what it is capable of. 


So I am assuming you all checked out the clip but if you didn’t I guess I will give you a run down of what Biotechnology is.  Biotechnology is an evolutionary science with an objective of improving human condition.  Looking specifically into biotechnology there are three main sectors concentrated on by the majority of biotech. organizations: red, white, and green.  The Red sector is the main area of focus for biotechnology organizations and deals with heath and the research and development to improve it.  Herceptin, a breast cancer cell fighting drug is an example that shows how biotechnology has improved health dramatically in real life.  The White sector of biotechnology deals with the industrial processes and more specifically, the production of bio-fuels.  This procedure is biologically complex but is achieved to meet the demand of ever depleting non-renewable sources.  Finally, the Green sector of biotechnology deals with the agricultural processes.  Genetically Modified food is at the forefront of this research and has evolved to the point of making 75% of the food we eat being genetically modified. 


   So in respect we have all heard of biotechnology; and for us soon to be CC&PR experts, we could be doing the telling of what biotechnology is and has to offer.  This is the result of Canada housing nearly 500 biotechnology companies.  Our nation will face a tough challenge with several new countries introducing themselves into the advancement of biotechnology, but with continuing excellence in science and a great PR campaign, I have no doubt that Canada will continue to be a leader in biotechnology.

Dustin Luchka, CC&PR, 2006


          Check out these links for more information on Biotechnology:

1.   Government of Canada.  (2006). Bio Portal: Biotechnology @ the Government of
Canada.  Available at the Government of Canada Bio Portal site

    This is the official government of Canada site on biotechnology.  It has everything from what’s in the news to listings of companies and everything you possibly need to know about biotechnology.  This site is fantastic because is guaranteed credible as well as gives Canadian information.


2.    Priest, Lisa.  (2005, June 25).  Ontario fast-tracks approval of new drug.  St. John’s Telegram, pp. B7.

      This article in the St. John’sTelegram talks about the new breakthrough breast cancer drug Herceptin.  This article gives great insight as to what exactly biotechnology is a how it is effecting people in real life.  Although it is not very long, it gives a great deal of information.   



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  • 1. prclass  |  October 31, 2006 at 3:12 am

    I don’t doubt that biotechnology is a sigificant industry and I believe that it’s relevance to PR lies in it’s controversy. I have gone back and forth with my ethical perspectives surrounding GM. I do believe that if we can achieve powerful and important things with biotech that can change the lives of many people for the better. At the same time, though, I find myself asking how we decide who benefits from these discoveries?
    If you are faced with a client who wants you to do their PR for a new technology that is really innovative and can help people somehow, but you know that only certain members of the population can afford it, or maybe the company is trying to sell the technology to another company that will use it to make a profit rather than offer it freely to everyone, how does that sway your involvement on the project? (Forgive me I’m kind of “typing out loud”

  • 2. prclass  |  October 31, 2006 at 3:15 am

    …. my comment got cut off?
    Anyway, I’m just thinking that the interesting thing is that our job is so relevent to biotech because there WILL be controversy and at the same time we’ll have to deal with how we want to particpate in it according to our personal ethics.
    Tara Wood

  • 3. michael  |  November 3, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    dustin, interesting entry.

    great use of visuals

    errm .. forgive me but i did not peg you as someone into this kind of topic

    that said, you presented your case very well
    and excellent links

    i want to read your whole paper now


  • 4. prclass  |  November 3, 2006 at 10:27 pm

    Hey Dustin,
    Your blog shinned as you do at everything. I myself had no idea what biotechnology was and your paper was very informative. I found it hard with our length requirements to get a lot of information in there but you did very well. The visuals were over the top but I’d expect nothing less from you. Great work!


  • 5. pikardi  |  July 30, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Its really important inform about the importance of biotechnology..

    good job…


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